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Department of Spatial Planning

Presentations & Lectures of Dr.-Ing. Muhammad Rayan

Rayan, M., Gruehn, D. & Khayyam, U. (2024): "Community-driven sustainable green infrastructure (GI) indicators to plan an ecofriendlier and climate-resilient city-state in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Pakistan.", session ITS4.6/SSS0.1.5, abstract EGU24-8806, oral presentation.

Rayan, M., Gruehn, D. & Khayyam, U. (2023): "Community Perspective on Green Infrastructure Planning: A Strategy for Green Urban Resilient Future in the North-West Region, Pakistan". Vortrag im Rahmen der 6. Dortmunder Konferenz Raum- und Planungsforschung ""Wenn möglich, bitte wenden!" Forschen und Planen für den Sustainability Turn" am 13.2.2023 an der Fakultät Raumplanung der TU Dortmund.

Rayan, M. (2022): Experts and Community's Perspective to Build Sustainable Urban Cities in Pakistan. International Conference On SustainableDevelopment "Creating a unified foundation for the Sustainable Development: research, practice and education" - Organized by the European Center of Sustainable Development (ECSDEV), Rome, Italy, 07-08.09 2022.

Rayan, M. (2021): Local Perspectives on Green Resilient Settlements in Pakistan. Civil Engineering and Structures (CIGOS) 2021 on: 'Emerging Technologies and Applications for Green Infrastructure', Ha long, Vietnam, 28-29.10 2021.

Rayan, M. (2020): Green Infrastructure Planning: A Strategy to Safeguard Urban Settlements in Pakistan. "Rethinking Spaces - Planning in a Changing World", Germany, 17-18.02 2020.